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February 2022 Gazette- Beautiful Put-in-Bay!


Beautiful Put-in-Bay!

Artists Grant and Jodie McCallum love to paint scenes from Put-in-Bay. In 2005, they created a coloring book in cooperation with several island businesses. Over the past several months Mo. Mary has commissioned several paintings showing some of her favorite island scenes which were shown in recent Gazettes. One of the recent pieces is a cheerful view of the PIB lighthouse and the Miller Ferry. Of course, it features our monarch migration and some of the bees we need as pollinators. Curiosity is rising as some wonder what these paintings might be leading up to. It will not be a coloring book.. There are a few other prints which have not been revealed yet. The rest of the story will be revealed this summer. Grant and Jodie have interesting photos of how they develop their paintings on their web page They also have framed prints of other pieces of art on display at R Coffee Corner on Catawba island. Are you one of the lucky few who has one of the 2005 coloring books in your attic?

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