2017 Bash on the Bay With Toby Keith

The very first Bash on the Bay was back in 2017. The music festival organizers were able to rally enough support to contract one country music’s hottest artists in Toby Keith. More than 10 buses, 15 food trucks , over 20 semi-trucks and 15 auxiliary boats were stocked up and shipped to Put-In-Bay. The all-day country event took months of meticulous planning and negotiating with port authority to find two summer days in a row where they agreed to shut the Put-in-Bay airport down.

Various Island business began to prepare themselves for as many as 15,000 people in just one day where as a busy Put-In-Bay weekend sees roughly 12,000 people over the course of three days. Both the Miller Ferry and Jet Express worked in collaboration with the venue organizers to accommodate the surplus of people coming to the island in a time span shorter than 24 hours. It’s safe to say the months of planning and hard work paid off since the date of the 4th annual Bash on the Bay was just announced on the Island’s Facebook account.

About Toby Keith

Born in Clinton, Oklahoma, Toby Keith was always inspired by music. Influenced by Nashville’s country music scene, the American country singer has released 19 studio albums between the years of 1993 and 2015 titled: Toby Keith (1993), Boomtown (1994), Blue Moon (1996), Dream Walkin’ (1997), How Do You Like Me Now?! (1999), Pull My Chain (2001), Unleashed (2002), Shock’n Y’all (2003), Honkytonk University (2005), White Trash With Money (2006), Big Dog Daddy, (2007), That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy (2008), American Ride (2009), Bullets in the Gun (2010), Clacy’s Tavern (2011), Hope on the Rocks (2012), Drinks After Work (2013), and 35 MPH Town (2015). The multiplatinum country singer has multiple x4 certified platinum albums and countless singles that topped the charts. He will go down in history of one of country’s biggest artists!

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