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The Newest Piece of Put-in-Bay Literature

Put-in-Bay Gets a New Book

 Released on July 4th of last year, Gordy Barr’s “Legends of Middlebass and Other Lake Erie Islands” is the newest piece of Put-in-Bay literature. In addition to Bob Adamov’s collection of books about Put-in-Bay, Barr’s journalism legacy provides insightful knowledge and fun stories about the island life.


Broken up into four sections (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring) that depict the uniqueness of the four seasons the islands go through each year. Story topics discussed include all the major Lake Erie Islands and even some of the minor ones like East Sister Island, Middle Sister Island and West sister Island.


When asked what he loves, Barr said “Jeff Koehler take his journalistic responsibility to the islands seriously.  I believe The Put in Bay Gazette is one of the best small newspapers in the country.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to write for Mr. Koehler.”


He continues to say “There is a certain irony about the Gazette.  The actual landmass of Jeff’s coverage is about 3,000 acres.  The amount of news generated by these 3,000 acres is truly disproportionate to its size.  Like a mouse that can roar like a lion, the Lake Erie Islands are Shakespearean in nature and Goliath in the scope of their identity.”


When asked about his new book Barr stated “It weighs more than I expected.  I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it”. The newest piece of Put-in-Bay Literature does a great job depicting what life is really like on the Lake Erie Islands.

“Legends of Middlebass and Other Lake Erie Islands”


The local people of the Lake Erie islands are proud of their home.  Now, they have another book to celebrate and extend their pride to those reached by Gordy Barr’s “Legends of Middlebass and Other Lake Erie Islands”.


Printed on archival paper with a six-color Heidelberg Press, the book consists of 91 chapters and over 360 pages filled with colorful, high resolution pictures.  It took Barr thousands of hours, four computers and eight years to complete his work.


“Legends of Middle Bass and Other Lake Erie Islands” can be in certain island stores as well as eBay for $29.95.  For those who already have the book or will be purchasing it soon can contact Gordy Barr via email at for an autograph!


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