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Put-in-Bay Police Department

Put-in-Bay Police Department
431 Catawba Ave
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 419-285-4121


South Bass Island is protected by the Put-in-Bay Police Department. They keep order on Middle Bass Island as well. Thanks to their efforts our island community is safe from harm.
Put-in-Bay Police Department Location & Divisions
The Put-in-Bay Police Department is on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Catawba Avenue. The department is located on the lower level of the Put-in-Bay Town Hall. This is where they have their offices and holding cells. The dispatch department is also headquartered here. The dispatch is pivotal to Put-in-Bay because they track the calls that come into the department and send help. Not only do they dispatch the Put-in-Bay police, but also the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and the Put-in-Bay EMS.
The Put-in-Bay Police Department is unique to most police force environments. While there are several year-round offices that stay on staff, much of the force is new recruits. Due to the seasonal nature of Put-in-Bay's population, new groups of officers arrive each Spring. This is often a launching point for them. Most officers that were previously employed on Put-in-Bay end up finding full-time work elsewhere, off the island. With that said, the variety of scenarios that Put-in-Bay presents allows for great experience to be gained.
Put-in-Bay Police Department Divisions
The Put-in-Bay Police Department is broken down into 6 separate divisions.

  • Records Division: Responsible for the collection of data.
  • Dispatch Division: Receives distress calls and then sends the appropriate personnel to assist.
  • Bike Patrol Division: Patrols the main strip and the Put-in-Bay Village. They are able to navigate busy areas easier by bicycle. So, they are crucial to the force on busy days on the island.
  • Patrol Division: They are most important to the police force, watching over the island daily.
  • Investigative unit: They are devoted to diving deeper into crimes and finding answers based on data and witness testimony.
  • The Chief: The guidance from the top role in the police force ensures proper protocol. Ultimately, community safety is of paramount concern.

However our island may be small, the police force has one of the biggest tasks on Put-in-Bay. With safety as a major priority, we are dependent on the integrity of these civil servants. Thanks to their efforts the Lake Erie Islands community can rest easy under their protection. Make sure to share your gratitude during your stay at Put-in-Bay. They are surely worthy of a little praise and encouragement!