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Put-in-Bay Fire Department

Put-in-Bay Fire Department


There are thousands of seasonal visitors and 480+ full-time residents on Put-in-Bay throughout the year. In an effort to keep them all safe and out of harm's way The Put-in-Bay Fire Department services the island of Put-in-Bay. Thanks to the efforts of island citizens the fire department is comprised completely of Volunteers.
Put-in-Bay Fire Department Location & Details
Just a few blocks away from the popular Put-in-Bay downtown strip you will find the station located on Concord Avenue. Nearby is The Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church and the Put-in-Bay School that serves K-12 students.
The island's Fire Department is comprised of 22 volunteers on staff. They each undergo several hours of special training. Each volunteer is trained in how to respond in case of an island emergency. These emergencies can happen on land, ice, or open water. Put-in-Bay taxes and fundraising efforts are what fund the department's needs. The most popular fundraising effort the Put-in-Bay Fire Department organizes is an annual Clam Bake. Locals and visitors alike participate in this community event every September. Hosted by the Put-in-Bay Fire Department participants can purchase a delicious meal of clams, chicken and more for $25 a plate. All of the proceeds directly impact the fire department and the community. In the past, the department was able to purchase two brand new (specialized) trucks with the Clam Bake proceeds.
In more recent years, the department has been able to acquire more life-saving tools through fundraising and community efforts, such as:

  • A 16-foot rescue boat: essential to provide water support during the tourist season.
  • A modern ice rescue sled: used during a variety of ice rescue situations.
  • A 21-foot air-boat (named 'Freedom') vessel: incredibly useful in ice situations
  • New turnout gear: ensures the volunteers have the best gear to do their job with ease.

So, as you plan your trip to Put-in-Bay rest assured our little island is in good hands. These volunteers are passionate about their role in keeping the community safe. Show your support for their fundraising efforts while you're in town and keep their progress moving forward.